Why You Should Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Why You Should Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people” – Mary Kay Ash

Note this quote. In the business world right from dealing with customers to bosses, to even colleagues, this mantra applies to all. Speaking of which, if you have landed here, you surely have had some experience in Digital Marketing – most probably working with some Digital marketing company, and serving a number of clients. There must have been times you felt that you are capable of doing all the tasks your bosses do, and you would have been better being a boss yourself.

Entrepreneurship sounds alluring and can be rewarding. However, to Start digital marketing agency of your own on the other hand asks for some serious investment and risk too. This risk may be the reason you hesitate to take that leap of faith (within your-self). But not worries, today we are going to take a look at all the positives, the pros of starting your own business. Let’s dive in shall we?

Why To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Business?

  • It Is A Service-based Business: In product-based business, a start up brings with it many factors such as manufacture of the product, it’s storing, maintaining of the stocks, the stocks becoming dead, or the product becoming out of trend, etc. However, when it comes to service-based business such as a Digital marketing business, it is completely dependent upon human skills and efforts. It is not perishable (albeit there is a need to update the skills), and no single company can hold a monopoly.

  • You Have The Skills: As mentioned, Digital marketing is a service-based business, and thus more than anything, requires skills. Of course there is need of latest software, tools, etc. however as a Digital Marketer wanting to go for Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship, you’ll be equipped with the most necessary of the components, the skills required for providing this service.

  • You Can Challenge Yourself: Let’s just say that you have been an employee at a company for some years. You have had a nice learning curve, and new challenges. However, it is limited to being a digital marketer; and after some years of working, you may feel that you are stuck with the same repeated job with no scope of more improvement or any challenge. However, if you decide to switch to start your own agency, you get to challenge yourself. You have to set new bars, and plan and strategize and organize and manage a business, generate a network, create an identity for your business, hire trustworthy and skilled employees, etc. 

  • You Get A Consistent Income: If you are a digital marketer working for a company, with a little of economic downturn, the marketing budget of the company gets affected. To put it in simple words, a marketer’s career has a higher risk. However, if you own a Digital Marketing Agency, you’ll be charging your clients on a monthly basis. Of course the initial phase of building your brand identity, gaining clients, creating your network, etc. is going to take time. However, slowly, you’ll be getting a consistent monthly income which keeps you going. And if there is an economic downturn as mentioned above; even if some of your clients are lost, you’ll still have some clients on hand and a steady income from them.

  • You Are Your Own Boss: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” – Thus said Sam Walton. And he is true too. However, you have already as a digital marketer, dealt with customers, and you are well aware of how to serve them. Thus you become your own boss, if you start your own business. This position comes with all its responsibilities; however it has its perks too. If as an employee you don’t much like your office culture, as a boss, you can create one in which you can work easily and happily.

  • You Generate Employment: Well this is technically a by product of starting a company, but hey, you are ultimately generating employment. Not only do you have employment for yourself, but you hire employees too, integrate them, manage them, and pay them. Thus inadvertently you are contributing to the nation’s economy.

  • You Can Create A Product: Developing a product can be rather daunting because of various factors such as the budget required, the size of the market, the needs of the customer, etc. However, when you start as a service company, you start providing for your clients. With increasing clients, you understand well the market situation and your customers too. This will help you in the future to develop a product. You can invest remaining profits from your service, and create a product in distant future, which you can then sell to your customers.

  • You Have Assets You Can liquidate: As an employee, you get paid for your skills i.e. your skills are your assets. However, in cases of emergency, you cannot get any money out of it. On the other hand, your own Digital Marketing Company will have assets such as brand name, systems as well as processes, a list of prospects, existing clients who trust your brand, a skilled and experienced team, etc. So that, when there is any requirement all of this can be liquidated i.e. sold at right price.

Now that you understand what benefits staring a Digital marketing startup can yield, and you know why you should start one; you may have another question - How to start a digital marketing agency? Well, for the start, you need to polish your skills and begin with a small operation plan. Start with contracts so that you have least dependency and then work to expand, choose a niche and focus on it, register your business with relevant authorities, come up with a brand name and logo, get your business online, and all this while prepare a list and keep an eye on your competitors. Do remember that this is only a start and you have much way ahead. Best of luck with your endeavours