What Is Google Sandbox And Tips To Use It Effectively

What Is Google Sandbox And Tips To Use It Effectively

Google Sandbox is a filter that Google search engine puts on new websites to prevent them from ranking very well for the initial period. Google Sandbox is a probation period given by Google, during which Google will drive your little organic traffic to your website.  It is more like parents putting their beloved kids in a sandbox. As they grow older, they can get out of the sandbox and sustain themselves in the real world easily. To provide you with good knowledge about Google Sandbox, we’re going to share some details about tips to effectively Use Sandbox.

What Is Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox effect is a term used by SEO experts for a period when a site gets stuck in its ranking and does not show any movement for a long period. Google assigns trust core to every website. This trust score depends on several factors including quality backlinks, social signals, domain age, and more. For a fresh site, getting the required score is not an easy process. So, new websites use spammy techniques to get high PR backlinks and rank in Google within a short time. To stop these websites to rank higher using spam links, Google has implemented a Sandbox period. During this probation period, Google detects whether a website is genuine and is trustworthy to be ranked for a keyword. In this way, Google can easily identify the quality of the website.

Tips To Use Google Sandbox 

Below are the tips to use Google sandbox effectively. Follow the tips to escape from the sandbox effect or reduce your Google sandbox probation period.

Check For Other Penalties

If Google sends your site in Sandbox, it denotes that you have been doing some spammy SEO tricks to boost your ranking in the SERPs listings. So, ensure that if your site was penalized in any other way as well.

Check For Algorithmic Penalty

  • Go to search for traffic and click on manual actions.

  • There you will be able to find out if your site has been awarded Google’s Algorithm penalty.

Check For Manual Penalty

  • If your site got a manual penalty, Google will email you a list of things you need to do to fix it.

  • To check that, go through your email and search for an email from Google.

Get Rid Of Over-Optimized Content

If your website has over-optimized content, then Google will place your profile on the sandbox. It is advisable to use five important keywords for content with 1000 words. If your site has more than that, then replace it with synonyms.

Create High-Quality Content

If you create high-quality content, then it directly boosts organic traffic to your site.

To create high quality and unique content

  • Research in advance about the topics

  • Analyze and find the top 5 articles on that topic

  • Always create something better

Disavow Harmful Backlinks

If your site has harmful backlinks from spammy websites, then it downgrades your website value. To disavow harmful links, the first thing you need to do is find the links. To find out the harmful links, you can use a backlink tracker tool available online.

Merge, Delete, Improve Thin Content

You should audit your content to generate more traffic to your site

  • If content generates some organic traffic - you should find out some ways to improve it.

  • If content doesn’t generate any traffic - delete the post or merge similar posts.

Get Google To Re-Crawl Your Page

To speed up your site’s recovery, you should ask Google to re-crawl your page.

  • To begin the process, go to Google Search Console

  • Click on the Crawl option and Fetch as Google

  • Then paste your URL  and click on Fetch

  • Now click Render

Then request your site or page to be indexed NOW.


If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can Boost Your SEO Using Google Sandbox. We hope this article will help you to know about Google Sandbox and how to effectively use Sandbox. This post helps you to fix the mistakes as quickly as possible.