Top 25 Email Marketing Tips

Top 25 Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rates, gain new customers, generate more sales, or create a tribe of loyal customers. Whether you are running a small business or mid-ranged business, the effective way to gain new customers is by following the best email marketing strategies. 

Email Marketing Tips

In simple terms, an email marketing campaign is nothing but having a quality email list that can boost your rate of conversion. Following the trends in email marketing lists and tips can help you to attain more benefits.

Here are 30 powerful email marketing tips to improve your email marketing campaigns.

Use Alt Tags For Images And Make The Text Easy To Read

Don’t expect that reader will read your email fully by spending their valuable time on it. Use proper fonts and fonts on your titles which makes it easy to read and scan.  Don’t forget to Include ALT tags in your images.

Use Social Media As The Tool To Get More Email Subscribers

You can also boost your email subscribers through a variety of platforms including your website, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks. 

Send Information To Customers

Email is the best way to get more visitors to your website. The primary duty of your email is to generate more conversions and not more visits. 

Most Emails Are Read On Mobile

Your email should be mobile friendly to catch the attention of mobile audiences. You need to frame a mobile marketing strategy to capture a large group of audience. 

Test Every Subject Line Before Delivery

Test your email subject every time before you send the email. Use a free tool for email subject line testers available on the internet to optimize the subject line.

Use a Real Name in the Sender Field

Getting an email from a real person creates a positive impact on your brand. So, we suggest you use the employee's name in the sender field instead of using a brand name.

Include Personalization

People like friendly moves, hence make your emails more personalized by adding the recipient's name. If you add a personal touch in your email, then it will result in more conversions.

Use Power Words

Subject lines should attract the readers to take further steps. Use your power words wisely. Your power words need to motivate every reader to open and click.

Experiment With Numbers and Stats

Add a numeral in the form of a statistic or percentage because it can steadily increase the number of clicks and replies. 

A/B Test Subject Lines

No other results will ever be as effective as your own website result. The effective way to get insight into what works better for your audience is to A/B test as much as possible.

Never Use All-Caps

Don't write your readers with capital letters alone. We suggest you avoid all-caps format in the subject line to earn the credibility of the customers.  

Analyze Results And Take Corrective Measures

You need to monitor your results including unsubscribe rate, click rate, email open rate, and conversion rate. If you find anything disturbing in these results, then take corrective actions and run it again.

Follow Your Competitors 

Always keep an eye on your competitors. This is made possible by registering on your competitor’s email list. Notice and analyze what strategies they are using, what kind of email they send to their customers, how they promote the product, etc. 

Make It Easier To Unsubscribe 

Don’t hide your unsubscribe button from the eyes of readers. Definitely hiding the unsubscribe button will not keep someone on your list.

Add CTA Button

Adding a single Call-to-action button is the classic marketing strategy. But, it does not mean that you should add it to one location alone. Including CTA on multiple locations can improve your click rates.

Add A PS If You Need Extra Links

You can generate more traffic by including additional links in a PS section after your signature. You should add links to upcoming events, related articles, and recent company announcements in the PS section.

Offer Something Valuable

Your email should offer something that is valuable to generate their conversion rate. 

Before sending an email to your customer, make sure that it fits with the following criteria:

  • The content should need to be high-in quality

  • Think from the reader’s point of view

  • Never send an email to someone if you don’t have anything valuable to offer.

Always Put The Reader First

No one likes self-advertising brands. Put your visitor always on first while writing an email marketing copy. This makes a strong connection between the customer and your brand.

Sell Benefits, Not Features

The customer focuses more on benefits than features. It is one of the best classic pieces of email marketing advice. 

Offer Them Too Many Options-Make It Easy To Register

You should make it easy for people to register on your website. You should not ask for too much information. Simply ask for a name and email address to gain more number of visitors. 

Offer Some Incentives

The best tip to frame an effective email marketing technique is offering some incentives to people. You can provide any type of discount in the form of coupons, free ebooks, discounts for their next orders, and more. 

Having A List But Not Sending Out Newsletters

The common mistake done by email marketers is not sending visitors a newsletter or email. Hire someone to gain full-fledged benefit from email marketing. 

Buying Emails From Other Sources

You cannot attain results in shortcuts, it also applies to almost all online activities. If you purchase emails from other sites on the internet, then you are definitely going to face downfall.

Not Asking For Email Verification

The most important factor in deciding the email marketing success is the quality of your email list.  We suggest you ask for email verification to get an active email list. 

Use An Email Marketing Service For Sending Bulk Emails

Normally marketers use Outlook or Gmail to send bulk emails. Bulk emails will drive benefits in return. You need to send emails using a vendor company to avoid risk and to make the process seamless.


The above is a robust list of email marketing tips that can help you to stay-up-dates on the newest trends in email marketing. Cure SEO is the top Email Marketing Company in Bangalore. We provide great email marketing techniques to maintain a higher conversion rate. Get help from us to reframe your marketing techniques.