Tips To Optimise Your Content For Google Discover

Tips To Optimise Your Content For Google Discover

Almost all of us use one or the other social media platform – Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube, tik-tok, etc. These platforms have feeds that continuously provides updated list of newer contents which are posted on that social media by the ones the user is following. The feed keeps the users updated with what’s new; keeping the social media lively enough, without the user having to do much other than just opening the feed page.

Google, a search engine which ranks #1; has had something similar to offer. Initially, Google had ‘Google feed’ (known as ‘Google Now’ before that) which was a personalized feed, which proactively updated content relevant to the user of the Google App. ‘Google Feed’ was more of a news feed that kept users updated on their chosen topics of interest.

2018 saw Google Feed with a new look, new changes, and even a new name – ‘Google Discover’.  Google Discover features within it not just news but also articles and videos. The features are in the form of cards on the home page of Google. 

While ‘Google Search’ is the ‘to go to’ place for users with some queries, ‘Google Discover’ says the ‘hi’ first to these users. Even before the users type their queries within the Google search, Google Discover presents to them feeds based on the browser history of the user, the subject of interests the user has indicated already, and also based on the Artificial Intelligence or machine learning of Google. If you were thinking that Google Search is convenience, Google Discover is luxury. It presents to you ‘what you would like to know’, without even typing out the query. Is it even any wonder that it has garnered more than 800 million users in about two years?

I am sure; all of you are well acquainted with SEO and know how to optimize your website to rank within the Google Search Engine. Google Discover now presents to you a good portion of the Google Search Engine users, which you can reach out to.

So, gear up my lovelies, and I’ll take you on a ride with my special tips on how you can optimize your content and land on Google Discover.

Tips to Optimise the content for Google Discover:

  • First and foremost. Make sure that your website is properly indexed and verify your website in Google Search Console. 

  • If you are a business, make sure to have your profile on My Google Business. This will validate your website more

  • Google Discover depends on the interaction of the users with Google, thus, if you are good with SEO, it’s always a plus.

  • When it comes to Discover, the content is of the utmost importance. Its algorithm depends on user interests and the page content. If your content has a strong match with the interests which the user has chosen, you have increased chances of getting on Google Discover

  • Go for the content which is fresh and original and which does not infringe on intellectual property rights of anyone.

  • Or else, you can simply outsource content creators such as our Cure SEO.

  • Use of keywords is secondary, thus, instead of stuffing keywords within content, work on the quality of your content.

  • Google Discover is available for smartphone and i-pad users. So, make sure to optimize your Google Accelerated mobile Pages, so that your website is mobile friendly. The speed of page loading, the navigation, etc. all needs to be mobile friendly. A good user experience is important in this perspective.

  • Google has already directed that images are going to be an important part of Google Discover, so make them a part of your content, and you are ready to go.

  • Make sure that the images you are using are of high resolution. Google Discover puts the updates in the form of Cards. Thus, the images included in your content might end up being the thumbnail for your page. Make sure to use AMP and give Google the rights to display that image.

  • Youtube videos are also included in Google discover cards, thus if you have some videos on youtube, remember to optimize your video on YouTube.

  • Google Discover not only displays new topics, but also those old evergreen pieces which are relevant even today. Thus,  

  • Make use of Google Search Console to determine the demographics of users as well as carryout research - where they are from, what are their interests, etc. You can then make use of this information accordingly so as to optimize your website.

Google Discover is a new part of Google and has a large scope to tap onto more than 800 milion users. The ones mentioned above were my tips to optimize for Google discover. We at Cure SEO are an SEO Company In Bangalore and are providing services in SEO as well as optimizing the content for your website. Hope, my special tips were enough to give you some insights on how to optimise content for Google discover.