The Ultimate Guide To Guest Blogging

The Ultimate Guide To Guest Blogging

“Blog are whatever we make them. Defining ‘Blog is a fool’s errand.” -  Michael Conniff

Blog is an online diary/journal; and this rather alive form of writing is also the 5th voted trustworthy online source of gathering information. In short, blogs are well received. And if a blog is exceptionally well written, it sets you up as an expert in your field. Blogging has its numerous benefits in form of increasing engagement and conversions, etc. Similarly, Guest blogging or posting too holds its own importance. If you are wondering why Guest Blogging is important, well, we are going to be your Guest Posting Guide for this page; so let us explain to you.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is getting your article or blog-post published on a website or a blog which is not owned by you. Thus, you post articles/blogs on various platforms so as to increase your reach, tap into the audience of your host, and get more exposure for your business, which will help you build your brand identity. Not only that, Guest Posting is a SEO strategy which pays off well. What is guest posting in SEO then? How is it going to improve your optimization? Well, the concept is simple – you write a guest post as the requirement of the blog you are writing for, and get back link to your website, and that’s it. It even helps with natural anchor texts, which are good for SEO too. And don’t worry your host blogger, for whom you are writing is benefiting too. They need good quality content, which you provide; in turn, both of you get more exposure and audience.

Guest Posting Guide:

Now that you understand what Guest Posting is and how it is going to be beneficial to your business as well as to you as a blogger, let’s understand how you can go about it.

Find Guest Posting Opportunities:

Once you decide that you wish to do Guest posting, you need to start to prepare. First and foremost, find out your target audience. You should have all the information about your potential customers – so much so that you know them as a whole person. Once you know who your audience is, determine what you want from your Guest post – whether it is backlinks, a brand identity, a simple signup, etc. Based on these then you should search choose upon Blogs and publications to which you’ll send your guest posts. You can simply search for phrases like “guest post/guest post/write for us/contribute article + [your niche]” and you’ll find them. You can also make use of blog directories or online tools available to search opportunities.

Pitch For The Guest Post:

Study the blogs you want to Guest post for. Find out what kind of articles they publish and analyze their preferences with regards to guest posts too; come up with an article accordingly. Firstly, thoroughly read the host blog’s guidelines for Guest posting. Write an irresistible headline, and also put in an outline of your article within the pitch. Don’t stop with a single idea, rather put in more than one, so that you have increasing chance at being selected. Give a personal touch to your email; and don’t forget to mention why you would be a good choice – you can add in links to posts you have previously written.

Create A Guest Bio:

The Guest Bio is a very important part of your Guest Post. This is where you can put in your self-promotion. Here in you can put in your back link with your target anchor text, or link to a landing page to which you want your traffic to go, or even your social network links.

Promote Your Guest Post:

While you look at Guest Posting as a means to get traffic and backlinks you too should work on getting traffic to your Guest Post. Thus, you can promote your Guest Post through your websites, social media platforms etc.

Keep Track:

The last but not the least is to track the results of your Guest Post. You can make use of various tools available to track how much traffic, conversions, sign ups, etc. is generated from your Guest post

Guest Posting Mistakes To Avoid:

Along with understanding what need to do, you also need to rule out what you absolutely shouldn’t do which may affect your results. So, let’s see what this includes –

The Approach:

Remember that the approach matters and being informed will help you through. You need to be in tune with the current happenings and changes within this field so that you succeed in Guest Posting.

Low Quality Content:

Content is king; and it should always remain of high quality. With increasing number of websites opting for Guest Posting, the host bloggers have high expectations from the quality of content. You can never compromise on this, or else, quality websites are in no way going to publish your post.

Low Quality Backlinks:

There are a number of host blogs accepting Guest posts. However you need to be picky about the websites for which you Guest post. The ones you choose should have a high Domain Authority, good guest post ratio, etc.

Poor Conversion Structure:

Guest posting if done rightly can get you increasing traffic. However, this is not where your Guest post guidelines end. Remember to have in place a proper conversation structure which is able to convert the incoming traffic.

Now that you are well acquainted with Guest Posting, it is possible that you may feel burdened with all the work and time that is required to invest into it. So, what do you do? Well, don’t worry; today there are various Guest Posting Services Providers who offer great Guest Posting Packages. Such services are able to provide genuine and high authority websites which will fetch you relevant backlinks. They also provide high-quality and highly engaging content which can produce good results.