The 10 Big Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Career

The 10 Big Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Career

Fun Fact: The Digital Marketing Industry accounts for more than 27% of the Global Market in 2020

That accounts for a large size of the Global Market and goes on to show how much importance Digital Marketing has gained. All the top Global industries today are striving to produce digitally enhanced products, services, and experiences, as most of their customers today are present on the digital platform. And Digital marketing is that process through which they are able to market their products to the potential customers using the digital channels. This has led to increasing demand for a well experienced and expert Digital marketing company, and of course, Digital Marketers who work within.

If we are to take a look at the statistics, India had merely 50 Digital marketing agencies in 2011, which increased to 710 in 2019. This goes to show that the demand for Digital Marketers is increasing, and Digital Marketing Career path seems to be on a rise. When we say Digital marketing, there are a number of aspects included within such as –

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (including Pay Per Click or PPC), Social Media Optimization(SMO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Video Advertising and Marketing, Banner Advertising, Lead generation, Online PR, Reputation Management, Native Advertising, Marketing Automation, etc.

There are many more factors other than the one mentioned above too. Each of them are Career opportunities in digital marketing of all aspiring Digital Marketers. But, if you are still confused whether you should jump up this opportunity, listed below is our list of benefits that a Digital Marketing Career will bring for you.

10 Big Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Career:

  1. It Is In Demand Profession: When it comes to marketing, if there is demand, you have to supply, because it is going to pay you off. Today every company does digital marketing for their product/services, and thus require digital marketers – be it in house or by outsourcing. So, if you make a career out of it, you stand to benefit.

  2. No Specifications On Educational Background: There is no need of any specific educational or academic background when it comes to digital marketing. If you are interested in this career opportunity, you can simply apply for a professional course of digital marketing or related. 

  3. Increasing Learning Opportunities: As there is no specific educational background required for being a digital marketer, there are a number of short term courses for digital marketing which you can pursue and will be added on to your profile.

  4. Offers Multiple Career Choices: As mentioned earlier, there are a number of various Digital Marketing Career path including – SEO Expert, SEM Expert, Digital Marketing Manager/Director, Social Media Manager, Content Marketing Manager, etc. Thus, you have a vast number options from which you can choose the one you would want to venture into. You can specialize in one single skill, or may be have basic knowledge of multiple skills.

  5. It Pays Well: Continuing on the above point, there is high demand for digital marketers, and the supply is still low. This means you have a greater value, and people/employers will be paying you a good salary. Of course you should be able to well negotiate your expectations. 

  6. You Could Start Your Own Startup: Digital Marketing is a service based industry, thus, it does not exactly require a brick and mortar office. If you have some capital which you can invest in all the hardware, software, technology and tools required, you can simply start your own business. You can start small initially and expand later. Remember to begin by being as independent as possible. 

  7. It Supports Freelancing: Well, if you don’t wish to go for a start up. Without having to invest in any capital, you can simply opt for freelancing. No need to work for someone else, or put in efforts and money into a start up. You can do freelancing and work from the place and the in the time that you are comfortable in. Many freelancing Digital marketers have a good Digital Marketing Career today 

  8. You Can Be Creative: Copywriting, designing, video production, etc. are some of the career choices within Digital Marketing which have a great scope and opportunity for you to be creative. You can very well set your artistic gene free. Good ideas will always be appreciated, and thus you can even make creative digital marketing campaigns.

  9. Professional Growth: If you are a student, a Digital Marketing Career offers you growth and expansion opportunities. You can begin with working for a company, increase your learning curve. Begin with having basic knowledge and then specialize in one aspect. You can then go freelancing and later be entrepreneur. In short, you have great scope of professional growth.

  10. Personal Growth: Digital Marketing Career allows flexibility in work and a good earning. It also enables you to have flexibility within your work as working from home is easily enabled – especially if you look at the post COVID situation. This enables you can thus have a good work-life balance.

Now that you know the benefit that a Digital Marketing Career path holds, what are you waiting for? You can make your decision, and deep dive into this profession, which has a see of opportunities.