Single Page Websites: Are They Bad for SEO?

Single Page Websites: Are They Bad for SEO?

Web designing is a world in itself and every business today which wants to establish its presence online will be opting for getting a website designed. There are many emerged as well as emerging trends within web designing and what you as a business choose is finally your call.

Few years back, a trend had hit the Web designing world. The trend was of having ‘Single Page Websites’ (SPWs). Hmm, no need to ask, it means exactly what you think it means – ‘A Website which has only one HTML page.’ Such websites have navigation links on the website page. When the user clicks on these links, it takes the user to the relevant section on the web page. If I were to describe Single Page Website in few words, it would be – ‘Short, Simple and precise.’

There are many businesses debating if they can go for a One Page Website or Multi-Page Website. This debate has been a hot potato in the Web designing World, and rightly so. If we were to get right into this debate, the answer would vary according to the business and the purpose. At Cure SEO, as a SEO Company In Bangalore there are many businesses approaching us for the SEO of their webpages, some are Single Page Websites, while Some are Multi-Page Websites. And truly speaking, for businesses using Single Page Website, the SEO scene is much different. So, let’s take some time out to take a look at Why do people opt for single-page website i.e. what are the good of Single page Website as opposed to the bad; and then take a look at its impact on SEO.

Single Page Websites – The Good:

  • It’s short and precise. There is no unnecessary cluttering of webpages and no worries of users clicking the webpages in wrong sequence. Thus, in terms of SEO, the engagement with user can be much better.

  • SPWs are mobile-friendly. Most of the users today access websites from their mobile phones. SPWs are much easy to navigate on the androids. Being mobile friendly is an important factor consideration for SEO

  • Please don’t get offended, but people with thick fingers truly find it difficult to click on to the small links on smart phone. When the website is within single page only, they can easily navigate by scrolling.

  • Such websites are good for business that have a specific target audience they want to reach to. With SPWs such business can easily lead these specific audiences towards a specific direction, and even give them a good user experience.

  • Another most obvious positive point of SPWs is that it is easy to design and maintain. Even if the layout and design for the page is complicated, it is still a single page. Designing one page is still lot easier rather than a multitude of pages. 

  • Similarly maintaining the website also becomes easy. Updating the website, analysing it, auditing it, everything can be done easily. SPWs are much hustle free.

  • As SPWs have a single page, it will be the only landing page. Also, all the backlinks will link back to this single page. Backlinks are and important aspect of SEO, and undoubtedly, the backlinks to this single page will be much more, enabling a domain authority which is much higher ranking. 

Single Page Websites – The Bad:

  • The points which are the pluses of a SPW, can precisely be its lacunae’s too. For example, while SPW are short and simple, they may lack the necessary depth and the message conveyed may become unclear, confusing the audience.

  • While the SPWs are mobile friendly, having all its content within one page may cause that single page to be overcrowded and increase the loading time of the webpage.

  • As the content is less, the keyword utilized will be much less compared to multi-page websites and thus keyword optimisation which is an important aspect of SEO takes a back stage. The number of keywords for which they can rank is much less.

  • While the backlinks for single page are more, the overall website’s external links are still lesser compared to multi-page website

  • SPW has got no internal links.

  • SPW has only one set of meta data. Meta data also plays an important role in SEO, and having only one set of meta data ultimately restricts the limit of the reach of the website.

  • With multi-page websites; there are various tools, analytics, which can be utilized for SEO. However, when it comes to SPW, there are limitations of options which can be used for SEO.

If we were to give a vote if Single Page Websites are good or bad for SEO, I would say that there are different approaches for SEO in both. It’s just that the options for SEO in SPW are much limited. If you as a business you were to make a choice, it should solely depend what is the purpose of the website you are designing. There have been many successful SPW examples which you can refer to if still in doubt. And if you are wondering about its SEO, No worries, we at Cure SEO are well experienced in SEO of SPWs too!