SEO vs PPC - Which One Is Better For Business?

SEO vs PPC - Which One Is Better For Business?


SEO (Organic Traffic) is better for business. If you are able to manage rank of your website for the keywords you want then here you will get more traffic than paying for those keywords in PPC model. If your website is optimized by a SEO expert then it will get more traffic than PPC. So SEO is better for business.



SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a process to optimizing a website to get one of the best result pages in search engine . Search engine optimization is a process to make your page so attractive and meaningful for becoming the one of the best result page in search engines. A search engine keeps best websites in the top because a search engine wants to make feel their users comfortable. A search engine decides those websites for keeping in top results, which has meaningful and right content.


There are various SEO companies. Cure SEO is also one of the best SEO company which offers best SEO services at affordable prices. CURE SEO is located in Bangalore. These companies offer SEO services to organizations or businesses. There are various effects of SEO on the website of your business. Some of them are exposure, increment in sales, brand credibility, increment in traffic, improvement in ranking. SEO makes your business more popular by increasing its appearance online. If we talk about top SEO agencies of the world then IGNITE VISIBILITY and BOOSTABILITY are two of them. The top SEO agencies provides best SEO services to businesses. As we all know that Bangalore is the IT hub, so there are various SEO companies in Bangalore. There are best SEO companies in Bangalore, which boosts your SEO ranking in very few time.



PPC stands for pay-per-click. Search engine advertising is a form of PPC. We shall define PPC in simple words. It can be understood by a model of internet marketing and business. If there are ads in any website of business so when users click that ads then advertisers pay for every click. Google ads is most popular example of PPC.


Here we talk about the role of PPC in business. When there will be ads of your business in any website through PPC then obviously users will click on the ads and familiar with your business or website. If they will be interested in knowing more about your business or website then obviously they will visit your website. Overall it will enhance your business. There are various benefits of PPC on business. Some of them are brand exposure, measurable ROI and targeted advertising. There are various PPC companies in Bangalore which offers best PPC services. PageTraffic and DMA are the best PPC companies in Bangalore.

We already discussed about introduction of SEO and PPC. We discussed about the role of SEO and PPC in business also. Now we are going to discuss the difference between SEO and PPC. So let us start our discussion about SEO Vs PPC.


There are various differences between SEO and PPC. First, of them we shall talk about the main difference between SEO and PPC. The traffic which comes from SEO is free while the traffic generated by PPC is not free . Advertisers have to pay for every click in PPC model . You will have to pay a high cost for getting your ad on the first page in the PPC model while you will get the best page result by optimizing your website by a SEO expert. You will have to pay indirectly in SEO model as you will pay for SEO services. When your website will be at top rank then organic traffic will be continuous in the SEO model. There is a Google keyword tool for calculating the amount of your payment in PPC. There are highly optimized keywords in PPC so there will be more conversions than SEO model. This was the whole discussion about SEO Vs PPC.