Latest Facebook Updates And Changes To Ads (June 2020)

Latest Facebook Updates And Changes To Ads (June 2020)

The End of 2019 got us a rather far affecting parting gift – COVID-19. This disease is caused by the New CoronaVirus, which belongs to the same set of viruses which caused SARS. This disease which was declared a pandemic is still spreading like a wildfire and the whole world is battling it out. While, the world is in chaos, the precautionary measures for this disease have led to a whole load of new chaos. Social distancing is being established as a norm. The result – Many businesses had be on lockdown, even if they restarted, there are numerous norms and regulations into place affecting them. 

In this chaotic situation, the digital world is the most important factor, keeping things in place. Digital platforms have stepped in to up their game, going out of their way to improve the conditions and help the people and business. The Facebook Updates to Ads have been an indication of their response to the COVID-19 world and how they are helping their users all over the world. As a Social Media Marketing Company who assists business in the digital marketing of their business, we are always on the loop of what is happening on the social and digital platform. 

Today, we are here to share all the Latest Facebook Updates and measures that Facebook has been taking. This information is for you to be updated about the various opportunities and restrictions which Facebook is taking and what is its stand. After that as businesses, its up to you how you pick the right opportunity for your business through it.

Facebook Updates to Ads in June 2020:

In March 2020, Facebook had had banned Organic Posts, Advertisements, and Commerce listings for masks. The Advertising Policy of Facebook clearly states that “Ads must not contain content that exploits crises or controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes.”

With this policy in the forefront, so as business do not exploit this COVID-19 crisis time for their commercial benefits, in March 2020 Facebook had temporarily banned Ads of –

  • Medical face masks - e.g. Surgical Masks, N95 respirators
  • Masks resembling medical face masks - e.g. Homemade masks
  • Other masks – e.g. facecovers, bandanas, othr functional masks for face / mouth
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Surface disinfecting wipes
  • COVID-19 test kits

From then, To understand how users are using Facebook’s platform and advertising tools during the global pandemic of CoronaVirus; Facebook has been continuously monitoring the various activities and trends happening around COVID-19.

Facebook has taken into consideration the fact that the health authorities are now advising wearing non-medical masks. However, they noted that many places require use of face masks as a precautionary measure; and as such, people and businesses are filling this need. 

Thus, in the Latest Facebook Updates of June 2020, Facebook scaled back its temporary ban. It is ready to allow businesses/people to advertise and trade –

  • Non-medical face masks
  • Homemade, Handmade masks

The advertising can be done within Facebook’s organic posts, ads and commerce listings. The perquisite for this is that the promotion is NOT done using any claims related to medical, health, or prevention. Also, for precautionary measures, Facebook has put restrictions about the advertisers who can promote these ads including –

  • The advertisers must at present have a good standing to advertise non-medical masks
  • They should have a minimum of 4 months of advertising history

If they belong to countries where Facebook has seen high percent of policy-violating ads, the advertisers can only target the non-medical mask ads to people within that country wherein their ad account is based.

The ads for medical face masks, hand sanitizers, surface disinfecting wipes, and COVID-19 test kits are still banned.

Other than the partial lift ban, Facebook also released an update about them testing out a new email marketing tool with some businesses. Like the most basic and traditional marketing tools, Facebook’s email marketing tools allows its Businesses and Users to compose emails from Facebook, choose their audience which they supply to, and also track the performance. The purpose is simply to help businesses efficiently notify their customers about any changes in services or operations.

Also, Facebook is launching an ‘Online Business Guide’ to help businesses move online, and for online businesses to further transform. This guide has step-by-step instructions which will enable businesses to establish their presence digitally, to connect with their customers, and to start with Advertising, to increase their online sales.

Facebook has also announced unveiling of a Facebook Watch Show ‘Boost My Business’ which stars Tan France, a fashion designer, author, TV personality, and also a owner of a former small business. This watch show will have episodes in which Tan will meet small businesses owners over the country and help them in finding creative solutions for various challenges they will be facing such as getting new clients, encouraging website building, boosting online sales, etc. Thus, Facebook is not only solving the problems of these businesses, but also enabling other small business owner to find practical solutions to their own problems, which they can learn and then apply to their own businesses.

It can be seen that Facebook is taking more steps helping out its businesses and potential businesses to stabilize themselves as online businesses, which has become necessary due to COVID-19 situation.  As businesses, we suggest, you avail the opportunities, and transform your business.