How To Quickly Build An Email List That Generates Ecommerce Sales

How To Quickly Build An Email List That Generates Ecommerce Sales

The explosion of the latest digital channels pushed e-commerce site owners to adapt to newer marketing techniques. But, still, Email marketing holds an irreplaceable position in marketing strategies. It is one of the best ways to reach customers. Recent research says that about 40 percent of leads are generated from Email marketing. Email marketing has a better ROI rate than other social media channels. Converting traffic into potential leads is important to take email marketing to its optimum potential. In this blog, we discuss how to increase sales through email marketing, Why it is essential for businesses, and how to quickly build an email list.

Why Is An Email List Essential For Your Ecommerce Business

If you are running an eCommerce business, email marketing is the best channel to generate more sales and leads. It is an effective way of marketing because 

  1. You can send customized, targeted, and purposeful email to customers.

  2. People use emails almost every day

  3. You own your email list

Steps To Quickly Build An Email List 

If you have more subscribers, then you will generate more revenue. Building your email list is an effective way to launch new products, future proof your business, and establish your brand among a wider group of audience. If you own a startup or mid-sized company, building a sizeable email list is a time-consuming task. By following these below-mentioned techniques you can quickly build your email list.

Encourage Subscribers To Share Your Emails: It is the best way to increase your subscribers. You need to add “Email this to a Friend” at the bottom of your marketing emails. If your content is unique and shareable, your existing subscribers will forward your emails to their friends and colleagues. We suggest you share the link in the P.S. section of your email. 

Add A Link To Your Employees’ Signatures: Your email signature is the best place to add a call to action to an email sign-up form or list. This boost lead generation.

Promote A Contest On Social Media: Launching a giveaway is the best technique to expand your email list. Plan to give a valuable gift at the end of the content to catch quality leads. 

Add A Call To Action On Your Facebook Business Page: If you own a social media page, you should add your email address in the form of a call to action button on your page.

Ask Website Visitor For Review And Feedback: You should add live-chat bots on every page of your website. This encourages visitors to solve their queries about your business. 

Link To Offers Across Your Website That Capture Email Signups: Make your signup for the email list easier. The email sign up forms should be placed front and center on pages of your website.

Entice First-Time Visitors With Entrance And Exit Popups: If you surprise your visitors with popups there is a possibility that they can easily signup up for your email list. If the entry popup fails to do their work done, don’t worry because exit popups can do it. When a visitor moves from your site, trigger an exit popup to sign up immediately. 

Subscribe To Email List To Access Wish List: Most shoppers don’t buy things immediately, they need more time to think about it. So, they add the items to the wish list or favorites. Apply a trick like “To access your favorite list just subscribe to our email listing” to generate more email subscribers.

Create High-Quality Contents That Can Be Received Via Email: If you wish to grow your email list, you need to spend on high-quality content. This technique increases your visitor’s interest in your brand.

Host An Online Webinar Or Facebook Live: Webinars are the best way to generate sales and collect email addresses. It is the best way to attract your target audience.

Run A Group Promotion With A Partner Website Or Email Newsletter: Group promotions involve working with brands in the same niche. The best way to build your email list with a group promotion is by running a joint giveaway.

Collect Emails At Checkout: This method will help to generate bulk email subscribers. You can add all your paying customers to your email list during the checkout process.

Create A Referral Program: About 90 percent of customers who shop online ask a friend or family member before making a purchase decision. A great way to implement a referral program to build your email list is to create a link that directs a referral to the email landing page.


The above-mentioned eCommerce email marketing strategies allow you to reach a wider group of audiences. Email marketing is a channel for your brand for attracting new sales and boosting repeat business. If you have zero knowledge about email marketing, then hire an Email marketing company to make your work simple.