How To Leverage SEO For B2B Lead Generation

How To Leverage SEO For B2B Lead Generation

Ginni Rometty, the executive Chairman of IBM, America once quoted – “I don’t think anybody’s just B2B or B2C anymore. You are B2I – business to individual.” While this seems somewhat true, in the context that no matter if you are selling to a Consumer or a Business, treat them both equally as individual clients and with same dedication. However, there are some greater points of differences which calls for more efforts in B2B transactions. We need to understand that B2B (Business to business) buyers are also businesses and not merely Consumers. Here, your buyers have a professional staff as well as legal counsel at their disposal. Also, the costs of the B2B products/services are generally higher and this means more interactions with the potential buyer’s teams for your B2B Lead Generation. After all, in order to buy from you, businesses need to make sure you are the absolute best choice for them.

Statistics show that if you are a B2B Seller, the buyers won’t get in touch with your salesperson till they have gone through at least 57% of your business’s journey. This means two things for you. First, you will get customers only after they completely check your business’s performance; and second, your potential customers are searching for your services. The best way to get lead generation would mean to be in the line of vision of your potential buyers when they are researching for their potential sellers themselves. In short, SEO is becomes your best option. Understanding the importance of what this means for your business, you need to make your marketing SEO Lead Generation Strategies.

As a well established SEO Company in Bangalore, below are some expert tips for your business to leverage SEO for your generating leads for your business.

How To Leverage SEO For B2B Lead Generation

  • The Keywords: This may seem the simplest but still is rather most important factor for SEO. Still doubtful, well 71% of B2B researchers begin their research with generic Google searches. To be found within these searches; you need to carefully choose the keywords, key phrases, and key questions which you appear for. You can make use of free tools such as Google Search Console, etc. and make the selection taking into account various factors including the search volume for it, what is the CTR it is getting, how much competition is there, which has more buyer intent, etc. This will help you to get quality leads.

  • Technical SEO: Make sure, your website is optimized for various technical SEO elements. You need to make sure that all technical errors within your website (if any) are fixed and it is good to go. Ultimately, Google takes these factors into consideration for ranking your website, so you need to keep them in check. Technical SEO includes the checking the loading time, mobile-friendliness, keyword cannibalization, duplicate metadata, duplicate content, broken links, broken redirects, crawl errors, XML sitemap status, HTTPS status,  robots.txt, schema markup, URL structure, navigation, redirects, etc.

  • Quality Content: You absolutely need quality content on your website. There is no overlooking it. It not like in the past when you could just stuff in keywords and create a haphazard content which looks like it is sewn together. Google algorithm can no longer be deceived with a poor content. Your webpage content needs to be of top quality, period.

  • Blogging: Putting in blogs is another way through which you can put in quality content for your audience. If you write informative blogs, without a doubt your are going to get in more leads. Stats state that Blogs give 434% more indexed pages to your website, which means more gateways to your website, and more traffic. Blogging can bring as great as a 68% rise in leads coming to your website per month. A quality blog does wonders for your website traffic.

  • Quantity Of Content: While it’s that quality matters more than quantity, but, that does not mean you publish content once a while. Rather, you need to keep regularity in your blogging and content posting. Analysis shows that regular blogging can gain for you about 67% more leads per month.

  • Backlinks: Back linking along with content still makes the most important ranking factor for Google algorithm. There are various ways to get back links, we suggest that so as to get more backlinks, let your content contain statistic information, data, etc. Make sure to put in references of other websites which are trustworthy sources. This will give your webpages a trust and make it easy to readers to believe in you. About 96% of your B2B buyers are on a lookout for content which is backed with relevant research and resources of authority.

  • Personalized Messaging: Keep vigilance on the traffic/business which is visiting your website. If you have some information on any one person associated with the business who visits you, you can then personally approach that person with personalized messaging and begin interaction with them.

The above mentioned SEO Lead Generation Strategies just scratch the surface of B2B Lead Generation. These strategies will get your clients/buyers to notice your business. From then their research will move ahead, and your performance, the reviews of your previous clients, the interactions of your salesperson with their team, etc. all will be held into account. It is said well begun is half done. So, make sure you get your SEO just right to begin right with getting more leads into your sales funnel.