How Social Media Ads Can Benefit Your Business During Covid-19

How Social Media Ads Can Benefit Your Business During Covid-19

It’s already 2nd half of June, and CoronaVirus is still a presence – unrelenting and unavoidable. First half of the year is nearing an end and this CoronaVirus Disease – 19 (COVID-19), which was declared as an International Public Health Emergency in Janurary 2020, is still going strong. 

CoronaVirus infected cases per day which were much less till the first week of March, saw a great rise in the number crossing 50K/day within the month of March. There has been and increasing rise ever since and presently the total infected cases have crossed 8160K.

With the advent of CoronaVirus, businesses have been affected, and so have been the consumers. There have been social restrictions put in and then removed or partially removed. The world has been in chaos, and every region is trying their utmost to combat and come out of this situation. It goes without saying that people’s, preferences and buying habits have changed too.

As business, it is imperative that you change accordingly too. You should know that this is the time that people are more or less online and thus, you need to promote your business there, especially with Social Media Ads. Wondering why? As a Social Media Marketing Company, here’s our assessment of the situation and how your business can benefit from it. 

How Social Media Ads Can Benefit your Business During Covid-19:

CoronaVirus affected business worldwide with many countries went into lockdown? The results, business have been on tight budget.

If you consider the business/brand websites online, the first quarter of the year saw an increase in organic posts by websites. Comparatively, the paid content posts have been on a decrease. It is clear that businesses are looking for options which are not costly, and still can engage their audiences. It goes without saying that this situation has arised due to economic difficulties that business and brands are facing. Many offices and even manufacturing units have been temporarily shut down; so that businesses are suffering financial constraints. This has led in business allocating less budget, resulting in a lower Social Media Ad spend by business in the first quarter of the year. 

At this junction, justifiably, Social Media Ads, as well as the Cost per Click (CPC) were reduced owing to businesses’ and brands’ lower Ad spends. However, on a positive note, Facebook Brand pages saw an increased engagement. That is, more brand page fans on Facebook are viewing their Ads. And while this is true, true, the overall engagement of people on brand profiles – be it for organic or paid content –remained constant. This situation continued till the end of March. The month of April however, saw a shift in the situation.

There are reactive businesses and then there are pro-active businesses. A situation occurs, causing an aftermath, and businesses react to it – these are the reactive businesses. Businesses will actively change themselves while a situation is occurring – these are the pro-active businesses. Thus, there were some businesses who found an opportunity within this situation and continued investing in Social Media Ads. The result of this? – They had to spend less as the costs and CPC had reduced, there was less competition as less business were willing to spend, while the rate of engagement had remained the same, it had even increased a bit for Facebook. Surely those pro-active business benefitted greatly then.

Slowly, businesses have been able to see the benefit for their business within this situation, and started investing in it. Thus, April 2020 saw a slow increase in Social Media Ad Spend by about 30% on an average clearly indicating more business willing to spend on Social Media Ads. With the increasing number of brands and business spending, there has been an overall increase of about 18% in Cost-per-Click in Social Media industry. These figures are enough to let you as business understand that the landscape is changing. World is becoming more digital and many businesses have already awakened to and are benefiting from this condition. To make things more simple, below is Cure SEO’s list of benefits of Social Media Ads amidst Covid-19 - 

Lower Cost: The CPC costs had lowered much till April, and have been on a rise since May. However, the costs are still less compared to pre covid-19 world.

Less Competition: As stated earlier, business are more on a look out for less costly and organic opportunities for marketing. Thus, there are less competitors for you.

Higher Traffic: While the competition and the costs are less, the Click Through Rate (CTR) user engagement with Social Media Ads still remains same. This ultimately means that same amount of traffic will come to your business at comparatively less cost.

Increasing Page Reach: Stats show that the page reach of Brand pages on Social Media (Facebook to be exact) has seen an increase from March to April. In short, your brand page will see an increasing page reach if you invest at present in the Social Media Ads.

Increasing Return On Investment (ROI): Thus COVID-19 situation and aftermath has enabled you as a business to get more click through and engagement and further reach in less cost. Thus, even if your sales and profits are not up to the par right now, your Return on Investment will be higher without a doubt.

So, dear business, the final word on Cure SEO’s, behalf for your business to survive COVID is to be pro-active, and take immediate actions to grow further. As a business, you need to strike while he iron is hot and start investing in Social Media Ads at the earliest.