Finteza Vs. Google Analytics (2020): Which Is The Best?

Finteza Vs. Google Analytics (2020): Which Is The Best?

Digital marketing has taken over the traditional method of marketing and most of the business owns a website to promote their products or service in the online medium. It is not easy to get good quality traffic on your website because it demands a lot of efforts and strategies. If you scale or analyze your website performance then easily you can understand your customer requirement and it can be made possible through web analytics tools.  Using Comprehensive analytics tools, you can attract quality traffic of the website and there is a variety of web analytics tools available on the internet. The top two web analytics tool in the online medium is Finteza and Google. Which gives the best analytics review? What is the feedback about each tool? Which is the better tool? If the mentioned queries come in your mind then this article is best for you. Here we have shared complete information about Finteza vs. Google Analytics review and comparison.


It is a free tool and it is open to anyone so that users can open a new account and perform functions such as analyzing incoming traffic and managing advertising campaigns for free of cost. It allows users to track events, manage conversions, launch ads, and more.  This tool gathers and collects detailed statistics based on user behavior. It automatically creates real-time reports based on the gathered data and it helps you to identify your target audience.

It is the best option for mobile developers because it is much easier to identify the number of installations, user’s key actions, repeated usage percentage, and more. It enables management of the launch of advertisements and you can easily get detailed reports and landing pages.

It Gives Brief Details About

  • Location and language.
  • Types of devices, browsers, and operating systems that the user handles.
  • Detailed statistics of specified websites, advertising zones, and pages.
  • You can get real-time data with no delays and you can see exactly what is happening on the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the popular web analytics tool and it generates detailed statistics about your website traffic and its sources. Using this tool, you can do various functions such as can monitor and display advertising, PPC network, email mail marketing, and more. You can also measure sales & conversions and at the same time, you can also get fresh insights into how visitors use your site and how you can keep them coming back. It is free of cost and it is the famous tool used by the digital market to analyze the website performance.

Pros & Cons: Fintez


  • It easily finds out the 12 types of bad traffic and detects bot traffic.
  • It shows the visual depiction of complex data.
  • This tool is advertiser-friendly and it helps in robust funnel building.
  • It has an AdBlock facility.


  • For getting seamless analytics you need to pay some additional charges.
  • It offers only basic customer support.

Pros & Cons: Google Analytics


  • It has the advantage of comprehensive documentation.
  • You can track multiple properties at the same time.
  • It is a free academy for beginners and it is easy to export reports.


  • It has limited attribution tracking.
  • If your website domain changes, it is hard to migrate information.
  • Paid plans are available for advanced analytics.

Pricing Details: Finteza vs. Google Analytics


  • $25/100K unique users/month for Website and Application Analytics.
  • $4/100K impressions/month for advertising engine.

Google Analytics

  • Free of charge for analytics reports.
  • 150,000 dollars per year for Analytics 360.

Who Should Use Them?

  • Finteza is best for startups, Agencies, Advertising Buyers, SMEs, marketing managers, traffic managers, and webmasters.
  • Google Analytics is widely used by small-sized businesses, start-ups, medium-sized businesses, webmasters, advertising buyers, and marketing specialists.

Why You Should Use Finteza?

  • You can eliminate bad traffic on your website and it is easy to create a conversion funnel.
  • You can create attractive banners and optimized ads.
  • You can check ad performance with ease.

Why You Should Use Google Analytics?

  • It is easier to create custom reports.
  • You can track traffic source and it has native-integration with Adwords.
  • It has conversion reporting.



It has excellent features such as Real-time website analytics, built-in bot traffic detector, website error-tracking, retargeting ads, conversion analysis, multiple integrations, and more.

Google Analytics

It has top features such as referral source tracking, custom event tracking, in-product support, smart ad goals, Alerts for new opportunities, session quality data, site- speed analysis, and more.

The User Experience of Finteza

It offers excellent user experience and You can develop customized funnels to learn about user behavior, and also you can add an event to the menu. With a few clicks you can control your conversion funnels and using this technique you can optimize your website in order to get higher SERPs listings.

The user experience of Google Analytics

It delivers exceptional user experience to the marketers and using this tool you can analyze your audience requirement easily. You can get complete details of visitors, gender, age, and affinity categories.


This is a deep comparison of Finteza VS Google Analytics, both are powerful analytics tools with comparable features and extraordinary user experience. You choose the one based on your need and convenient as both offers sufficient features for the business to excel in their field.