Do's And Don'ts Of A Good Website Design

Do's And Don'ts Of A Good Website Design

Website design is an important element in building the website. If you want to build a strong website, you need to consider every small detail ranging from seamless navigation to fast loading speed. It’s necessary to hire expert web designers or website development companies to create unique designs to boost your conversion rates. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to come up with greater designs to attract a wider group of audiences. To build a customer-centric digital presence, it’s crucial to learn about the Dos and Don'ts Of a good Website Design. This will help you to frame a good website design strategy. Designing a website is an art, you need to deliver a good user experience. A well-designed website will generate good revenue for your business. In this article, we have created a list of things you need to do and website mistakes to avoid while designing websites.

Do's Of A Good Website Design

Provide A Good Mobile Experience

Responsiveness is the key to achieving success within a short span of time. If your website is responsive to mobile devices, then it can attract more mobile audiences. The good UX design needs to offer a similar experience across a variety of devices irrespective of their screen size.

Include Multiple Calls To Action On Every Page

If you want to gain more conversion rates, you need to add multiple calls to action on every page on the website. Adding multiple CTA may seem excessive but all those CTAs make it a lot more likely that visitors will actually click through and make an appointment.

Make Your Website Accessible

You should have to make sure that people with disabilities can use and navigate your site. You need to follow standards in order to offer the same experience to all users. If your website is accessible, then it can drive more conversion rate.

Use Heading Tags And Design Features To Add Structure To Your Content

No one likes to read a long paragraph. Use header tags, visual elements, call-to-action-buttons, and other design elements to visually break up content. Separating content is the best tactic to make readers read your content. It will encourage readers to read more of it. Users like to experience innovative content, so try to come up with different design concepts.

Give Importance To The Interface

User Interface (UI) is an important factor that defines the success of your website. A user can judge your website within five seconds. UI plays the main role in drawing the attention of visitors and converting leads to potential visitors. Ensure that you create a bright, engaging, and efficient user interface.

Write Short, But Engaging Content

No one has time to spend on reading every bit of copy on a website. Add images and videos to the content to give a good user experience. Write shorter content for work better on mobile devices.

Choose Fonts That Are Easy To Read

Fonts have the ability to make or break your website. Don’t go for fancy fonts to write your body content.

Don'ts Of a good Website Design

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Good Copy

Your website copy is important, the same as your website design. If your website headlines are good enough, then people can easily go through your website.

Don’t Make Users Wait For Long

The most irritating thing faced by the visitor on the internet is slow loading websites. As per recent surveys, about 47 percent of users prefer fast loading websites that load in two seconds or less. If your website demands more time to load, then visitors may feel frustrated and leave the site. You need to consider website speed as an important element while designing websites.

Don’t Use Different Writing Styles

Building a unique website is the dream of every website owner. But, you don’t have to make it clumsy in the name of uniqueness. Most people consider using different fonts for creating a unique website. There is a chance that your website looks messy.

Don’t Use Too Many Colors

It is better to use a single color for your website. The color of your website has to represent your brand and values. Using too many colors on your website can hurt the eyes of the visitors. Use highlighting to your key points to make them unique.

Don’t  Use A Video That Auto-plays With Sound

Video is the best factor to break up content. The main thing you need to consider while including video: don’t auto-play a video with sound. As it may irritate and annoy the audience group. To solve this problem, just give users total control over the sound.

Don’t Flood Pages With Ads Or Promos

Don’t make your page flow with multiple ads. This is the most annoying thing done by most website owners. If your site deals with an e-commerce business, don’t bombard people with ads as they’re more likely to be distracting than helpful.

Don’t Make Assumptions On What Users Enjoy

Everyone needs unique animation, interaction, or effect that really attracts users. You need to ensure that your website design needs to be professional.


If you stick with those above-mentioned Don’ts and Do's Of a good Website Design, then your website will look more professional and can easily gain credibility among customers. At the same time, you can drive more conversion rates and revenue.