Design Your Emails: A Digital Marketing Plan That Works

Design Your Emails: A Digital Marketing Plan That Works

There are 293 billion emails are sent and received every day, and 21% of them are opened within an hour of it delivery. And for every Rs. 1 you invest in email marketing, it’ll generate about Rs. 38 for your business. Impressed yet? You should be. It beats even Facebook marketing with 40 times more conversion. Email Marketing is a classic form of Digital Marketing in which emails are used to target your customers and promote your products or services. It is rich for conversions and is rather cost effective.

Emails are like Newspapers. People read the papers first thing in the mornings, while sipping ‘chai’. Users tend to check their emails first thing. Thus, there is no denying the need of email marketing. And if you wish to exploit this form of Digital Marketing you need a solid Email Design accompanying your Email Marketing Plan so as to make it work. So, how to design your emails? Let’s take a look.

How to Design Emails to make your Digital Marketing Plan work?

  • Get Personal: You need different emails for different target markets, different products, etc. Today there are a number of advanced automation tactics which allows you to tailor the content of your emails to individual persons. Personalization and customization in your content based upon the demographics, the interests and the behaviour of the customer is a must. For example, based on your customer’s shopping preferences, you can send similar product recommendations emails. 

  • Work On The Envelope Content: Email is electronically sent mail. And as any mail, your email too has an envelope. Your Email Design hence should begin with your envelope content. It is the part, which is visible in the receiver’s inbox – viz. the Name of the sender, the Subject line, and the pre-header. Make sure your sender name looks authentic. Put in your brand name; or add in a name of the employee sender along with your brand name, to give it a personal touch. Keep your Subject short and informative, and customize the pre-header (the text which appears below the subject in the inbox). 

  • Be Mobile-friendly: 46% of email opens are through mobile. So, your emails need to be mobile friendly. Readers are not going to carefully read your email, they will be just be scanning it. A large number of columns side by side having longer texts which requires scrolling is a big no. Keep your email width limited by limiting your text layout to a single column and make the font size big. Mobile users will appreciate it. Talking about fonts, don’t make use of web-embeddable fonts, and instead use the basic, HTML fonts such as Arial, Georgia, etc.

  • Accompany Texts With Images: An image speaks a thousand words. Incorporate images to do the talking. Infographics are very much in trend and including them is a great way to go about engaging the readers. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. As only text is not recommended, only images are also not recommended. They both should accompany each other and you need to maintain a balance between the images and text.

  • Keep It Interactive: You may perceive email as a one-way conversation with your clients, but it need on be. You can make use of some HTML skills and embed some engaging interactive elements within your emails. This may include surveys, polls, carousels of products, add-to-carts, etc.

  • Be Animated: Adding in small animations such as rollover effects, hover effects, animated gifs, animated buttons, etc. help in engaging your readers and add a bit of pop in your emails. You can be professional and yet interesting at the same time. Typography is in trend too, so that you can just forgo your images for a good large typography. You can get embedded with images too.

  • Put In A Visible Call-to-Action: Every email you send will have a purpose, whether you wish the reader to fill in some information, or to visit your website, or to take a look at the new offers you have for them, etc. You’ll want the reader to take a certain action, and have Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons for the purpose. Make sure your CTAs (put in more than one) are visible clearly. You can contrast it to the remaining of your content so that it stands out. 

  • Let Your Customers Speak For You: Adding in content which has been created by your customers within your emails is a great idea. If you are promoting your product, what better than the reviews given by your customer, their feed backs, ratings etc.? People always look out for reviews before making a purchase decision. This strategy will surely get your readers invested in you. 

Email Marketing is more than simple promotion. It is great for boosting brand awareness, lead generation, promoting content, sales, lead nurturing and customer retention, building relationships. With proper strategy in place and an engaging Email Design, you can retain clients and get great conversions. There are a number of free email-marketing tools to help you out with sending targeted mails in segments. However, Email designing may require HTML and CSS skills. We suggest, you approach a good Digital Marketing Agency and set a best Digital Marketing Plan.