A Step-By-Step Guide To Marketing Your Mobile App

A Step-By-Step Guide To Marketing Your Mobile App

Milan Kundera has once said, “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

And if you think that marketing comes after innovation, think again. Creating a product and then marketing it is never a good idea. Innovation and ideas, lead to creation of a product; however, if the product does not sell, everything goes for none. Because lets be practical, sales and revenue generation determine the future of a product. The same goes for your mobile application. 

Do you find your mobile application lost somewhere between the 10 million mobile apps on the Google and Apple App Stores? Well, you are not alone. As a Mobile App Marketing Company, a number of Mobile App owners collaborate with us so that we plan and execute the marketing of their Application. We understand that every Mobile App is different, it solves different purposes however, there is a certain framework, a succession of steps which can be followed to achieve visibility of your mobile app. Today we’ll be walking you through the steps you need to take for Mobile app marketing. After all you need to strategize to get the maximum possible attention and engagement from your targeted audience. So, let us take a look at what all you can do to market your app.

How To Market An App – A Step-by-Step Guide:

  • The Market Research:

This phase should begin even before you start with the development. If you have an idea which you are planning to convert into a mobile app, research your market. Make use of all the latest tools and techniques, the big data; and determine your category, your niche, your target audience, their needs, their problems, how your app can address this, etc. You’ll thus understand the demand and can go for the development of your app.

  • Set The Timeline:

Now that you are done with the research, you’ll begin your development. But remember, before starting anything, you need to plan your timeline. Decide upon your release date right at the beginning and no matter what setback you experience in the process in between, stick to the pre-determined date. 

  • Create Awareness:

Once you are done with identifying your consumers through the market research; the main purpose of marketing is to create awareness of your app. This can be achieved by developing an understanding of your audience, finding their pain point or need which your app addresses. There will be various groups of potential consumers belonging to different group of demographics. With a proper study of your users you can customize your mobile app to suit their needs and thus you can decide upon your complete Mobile app marketing strategy based on this.

  • Plan And Implement Your Campaign:

For marketing of your app, we suggest you create a website, which will help you create an online identity which you can utilize to promote your app. You can then create articles, podcasts, contests, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. within your campaign. A content marketing strategy will take you a long way in your marketing strategy. Thus you can create a brand for your mobile app, so that people will actively seek out your application, download it, and use it.

  • Analyze Your Competitors:

This is an important step, which you can carry out while you are creating awareness for your app. With so many apps, surely you are going to have many competitors. Studying them is utmost necessary. Studying them all may be difficult, however, you can focus on the top competitors (go for more than 3). You can make a study of their apps, it features, its pros cons, their reviews and ratings, their ranking in app store, and work your App marketing plan accordingly so that you can stand out from them and are able to rank high.

  • Improve Your Rank:

While you are getting audience, they are downloading and using your app, it is important that the traffic of users to your app is consistent i.e. there is a continuous flow of downloads and engagement. It is possible if your app ranks high on the search engine. SEO is a great source of organic traffic. Similarly your app also need to top the listing within the app store i.e. you need to do ASO or App Store Optimization. Because, let’s be true, app store users are not going to scroll down much to find and download your app. For ASO, you need to work on various factors such as the title of the app, the icon, the keywords to rank for, crisp and clear description of your app, the screenshots and videos of the app,  and finally the category within which your app is to be included.

  • Make Use Of Social Platforms:

Optimizing your Social Media Platforms and marketing your app using them is an important aspect Mobile app marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are all the platforms which you can leverage. Remember that appearing on all the platforms is not necessary; instead focus on those where your target audience is available. Put continuous updates, features, posts, videos, etc. 

These steps are your answer to How to promote an app, and if followed accordingly will yield results. However, marketing is not merely promotion. Once your users download your mobile app, you need to maintain regular updates for security and continuous user satisfaction. Retaining customers remains equally important.