5 Tips To Optimize Your Link Building Research Process

5 Tips To Optimize Your Link Building Research Process

Do you know how factors does Google’s search algorithm uses to rank website? It’s a total of 200 factors. Now do you know which two are the most important ranking factors used by Google? High-quality content and link building are those two. What it means my dear friends is that, if you own a website, and wish to rank on Google, you need to get into Link Building Research ASAP! Initially, Google’s algorithm considered the hyperlinks to the websites as popularity votes. Of course, today the algorithm has gone beyond this simple consideration, however, the essence remains. Linking is the proverbial ‘pat on the back’ or a praise, or an appreciation for your webpage from another webpage belonging to another website (in case of external linking). Of course, getting link from another webpage i.e. internal link from your site is also important, but it doesn’t require too much of work.

Other than SEO ranking, link building ensures that you get more traffic on your website from various sources. This will lead to higher conversions and ultimately higher sales. In short, Link Building is a win-win for you. So, today we are here to share a few tips on how you can optimize your Link Building Research Process. Because, let’s get real, you need some Link Building Strategies in your pocket to get about. So, without further ado, here we go!

5 Tips to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process

  1. Checking The Competition: If you are going to start with your Link Building, take a look at your competitors, or rather the pros within your niche. Your competitor sites will be having some backlinks. Find out who they are. If they were ready to link to your competitors, there are chances of you getting the links too, you then should reach out to them. Similarly, keep out a look if there are some sites which are linking too many of your competitors, but not you. Try to figure out why this may be so, and then you should outreach to them too. Thus, here, what you need to research for is tools which will tell you about the backlinks of your competitors. Scrapebok is an example of one such tool

  2. Profiting From The 404 Error Page (broken links): Someone’s loss is someone’s profit. There may be some webpages/resources which are no longer on the web and some websites which had linked to these pages. These links are the broken links (shown as 404 Error page). You may find such broken links within your website as well as your competitors’ websites too. For your website’s you need to remove the broken links. While for your competitors’ website’s broken links – you can reach out to them with your web pages with similar content or if not write content for them, and you are done. For broken link building, you need to research for tools which will tell you about the broken links of your competitors. For example Ahrefs has a tool which solves this purpose.

  3. Find The Guest Blog Acceptors: Guest blogging is one of the Link Building Strategies in which you write a guest blog for another website and link back to your website. There are various websites who are ready to accept guest blogs, and will seriously look at your content, and if they like it, you will be guest blogging on their site. Now, for this scenario to happen, what you need to do is research for tools which will search for you all the websites which are accepting guest blogs. You can even make use of Google for that. Just search [your topic] + intitle: “Write for us” in Google, and viola! you have a number of results of websites taking in guest blogs. The ‘your topic’ here can be any topic for which you can write a guest blog. For example, if this article was guest blog, ‘Link building’ may have been the topic I would have searched for in Google. Also, the “Write for us” is what we expect the websites to declare for getting Guest blogs. You may also search for “become a contributor” instead of the “write for us”.

  4. Find The Blogs To Comment For: On the net, there are a number of image platforms, blog platforms, guestbooks, etc. on which you can post comments. Of course, the comments should be contributing, nd should be able to answer the queries mentioned. You can then add in the link of your website’s blog which is relevant. If your comment/answer is good enough to captivate the reader, you can get a few visitors. Here, what you need to research is tools which finds for you such platforms and lets you to post comments on those platforms. For example, Quora is one such platform where people have questions to ask, if you are able to research the questions related to your niche, obviously can answer.

  5. Monitor The Mentions: If you are able to search the net and get all the web pages which contain the words or phrase on which your website writes. If you thus find relevant blogs, you can request to guest post for them, if you find relevant bloggers, you can reach out to them to link to your webpages. Aherfs content explorer is one tool which will search this for you. Or, you can research for other similar tools. Also, search for Alerts tools which can alert you whenever there is mention of the topic you want. So, you can set an alert for your brand name and find out about your mentions, and if the mentions are unlinked, you can convert them into linked mentions. Similarly, you can set an alert for your competitor’s name to find out about their mentions, specifically the mentions which are linked. You can then reach out those websites which linked to your competitors’ mention. You need to find the right tool which will do this for you. There are tools like Google Alerts and Ahrefs Alerts, and many other for the purpose.

These are our points you need to remember for your Link Building Journey. Well, as a good-bye, I have for you and extra tip. Once you have researched and found out all the website which you can reach out to for getting more backlinks, get your prospects ‘vetted out’. Thus, filter out and choose only the ones which are dependable options to get backlinks from. That’s it! that was last of our tip. Understand all of them and apply.