5 Easy Was To Rank Your Blog

5 Easy Was To Rank Your Blog

Nothing helps more in building trust and engaging your customers, than Blogging. Blogging is a part of Content Marketing, with an approach of creating, publishing and delivering content. Blogs are informational websites. They are consistent, relevant, informative, and valuable; and they help you to connect with your potential customers, get leads, improve conversation, build trust, and provide them information to help them make an informed purchase decision.

The best part of Blogging is that it allows you to engage in more real time conversation. Of course, it remains that for this conversation, first and foremost, your Blog needs to rank on the Search Engines and be found by more readers. Yes, you got it right, the hint here is SEO. As an SEO Company, we are here today with tips and suggestions for SEO of your Blog. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. Optimize User Experience: In the face of today, if you are to rule the search engines (while utilizing the White Hat SEO approach), you just need to keep one word in your mind – ‘the user/searcher’. Google prioritizes that websites develop content with the user in their mind and not the search engine. Thus, if you are able to give the searcher a good ‘user experience’, it’ll inadvertently help in your Blog Ranking. Design your blog page so that the user finds it easy to navigate. Also make sure to optimize its speed. If your blog page takes unnecessary long time to load, you are going to lose your readers. Same goes for the visual of your blog page. Design it to be aesthetically beautiful, many readers will consider the aesthetics of the page they are viewing, if your blog page is unnecessarily cluttered, they may straightaway exit. Talking about clutter, do keep in mind how much of your blog page is dedicated to Ad Space. While your Blog page is a good means for you to earn a bit from advertisement, please do limit your Ad Space as it may annoy readers if over done.

  2. Optimize Keywords: Keywords is the link between the reader/searcher/your potential customer and you. They will be typing in the keywords and will find your Blog page if it constitutes those searched keywords. Undoubtedly, optimizing your keywords is an important aspect of Blog Ranking. While it is necessary to include keywords in your blog content, remember that the content comes first. It needs to be relevant and the keywords need to be carefully blended in. Using too many keywords which seem a bit forced into the content is ‘keyword stuffing’ and may be penalized. While deciding upon keywords you need to include in your blog, make use of various tools available to research keywords. Don’t forget to include long-tail keywords, question keywords, negative keywords, etc. Remember to include your focus keyword within the Title (which appears as the title on the Search Engine Results Page or SERP), within the Meta description (which appears below the Title on SERP), within your page URL (which is the web address of your blog page), and also within your Alt image tag (which is used to describe any image added on your page).

  3. Optimize Links: Other than content, Link Building is a very important ranking factor for Search Engines. Internal linking to other blogs within your website is a great way of engaging your readers. In fact, both the search engines as well as your readers show preferences for internal links. If your content is up to your readers liking, there are more chances of them engaging with other links you provide to them on your Blog page. Just remember not to go overboard. You cannot go beyond 100 links, or your page just might get spammed. Other than internal linking, in-bound linking is also a great way to go about Blog Ranking. You can write a guest blog on other website, and give links to relevant blogs on your website, thereby driving in traffic. Other than that you can always establish Hub pages. Hub pages are an index of the most relevant blogs on your website divide under broad headings with links to specific blogs falling in that theme/heading.

  4. Optimize Social Media Marketing: Anthony Bourdain, a famous American Celebratory Chef – ‘If somebody crafts an interesting tweet, that’ll lead me to their blog.” There is no denying of the influence of Social Media in driving the traffic to your Blog. So, make sure to be up with your Social Media Game to get the traffic, and then prevent them bouncing back with great user experience and engaging content.

  5. Optimize Your Multi-Media: While blogs are meant to be informational, there is no need for them to be boring too. Infographics are a great way to disperse information in an interesting way. It is much more attention grabbing than plain written conten. Make use of other multi-media such as images or even animated jpgs. They add a small pop within your blog page making it more animated!

So, dear Bloggers/websites/businesses, these were our top ways or improving your Blog ranking with a minimum of efforts. If we are to talk about the take away from this whole piece for you, it would be the golden thumb rule of SEO, any SEO – ‘The reader/searcher comes first, always!’