20 Free Digital Marketing Courses That Every Beginner Can Avail

20 Free Digital Marketing Courses That Every Beginner Can Avail

Digital marketing skills are important for those who wish to pursue a career in the digital marketing field. Digital marketing is the process of promoting your products or services through digital media. Digital marketing is all about its strategies, platforms, techniques, and marketing plans. Due to the competition that exists in the field, digital marketers are in demand. Every business needs to update its marketing skills and strategies to do digital marketing for achieving its goal and boost its profit rate.

A digital marketing course will suit anyone interested in that course. Learning digital marketing skills will help beginners to enhance their current marketing skills to speed up reaching their goals in the process of digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about connecting with people through various digital media channels.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

In this digital world, it is important to learn and execute digital marketing and e-commerce techniques. People are online 24×7, so it is important to use this technique to promote your brand using all digital means.

Learning new digital marketing skills has become mandatory to survive in the digital world. Learning new skills requires patience and continuous practice to become an expert in it. 

The hottest trend now in the job market is digital marketing. Hence, it is the perfect time for beginners to learn digital marketing. This blog is about free digital marketing courses that are available online. Anyone with an interest in digital marketing can avail of and learn the course. The E-learning platforms will facilitate individuals to learn anything, from anywhere and at any time. 

The below-mentioned is the list of top ten free digital marketing courses for beginners. 

  • Digital Marketing Unlocked

Digital marketing unlocked by google is a free digital marketing course. This course is based on the basics of digital marketing.  Here, the library covers around 26 topics that help to learn digital marketing better.  You can also access quizzes at the end of each main topic.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a course that covers topics related to analytics, how to use the tool properly, and what are the steps followed to analyze the data. To start with the course, you need to create and set up an analytics account. Then go for the Google Analytics for beginners course.

  • Academy For Ads

Academy for ads offers many free certification courses including setting up a Google Adwords account, learning Adwords in different formats such as Display, video, mobile, and search. Even a beginner can customize and build your ad campaigns with the help of the Adwords free certification course.

  • Google Online Marketing Challenge

This free course is offered by Hubspot. This course consists of several modules that cover the basics of online marketing to Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It is the best digital marketing course for beginners to learn. It consists of a variety of content related to advertising online, video marketing, and mobile audience.

  • SEO For Beginners, By Yoast

Yoast SEO is a famous WordPress SEO plugin with millions of installations. It also offers an online course that features SO for beginners. By learning this course, you can understand how search engines work, how to optimize your website content, and how to write a friendly-SEO copy.

  • Inbound Digital Marketing Course By Hubspot Academy

HubSpot Academy is a famous online education platform. When you automatically add a badge to your Linkedin resume so that recruiters can see that you can advance your skills through course learning. This course teaches the basics of inbound marketing, landing pages, email marketing, and conversion optimization.

  • Free Diploma In E-Business By Alison

Alison is the best Massive Online Open Course(MOOC) provider. It was launched by online course Pioneer Mike Feerick in 2007. It offers a free diploma course in E-business. This course provides beginners the tools needed to operate when using Google Adwords and AdWords.

  • Introduction To Social Media Strategy By Skillshare

This course is ideal for beginners who are searching for the perfect marketing tools when advertising on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This course gives you the chance to build your success in the online medium.

  • Beginners Guide To SEO By MOZ

This course was designed by Moz to help beginners to learn SEO. This course covers around ten chapters.  Some of the course includes content such as keyword research, measuring & tracking success, SEO friendly design, and how SEO operates.

  • Facebook Blueprint

You can learn a lot from the Facebook Blueprint course. This course consists of many video tutorials. By doing this course, you can easily learn about Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Build brand awareness and target potential audiences with different Ad formats.

  • Ahrefs Academy

This course is offered by Aherfs. It covers all the topics related to content marketing including competitive research, link acquisition, strategic SEO, link building, and keyword research. It is the perfect marketing course for beginners to learn. It teaches the basic and the best practices of quality online marketing using Ahrefs tools.

  • Email Marketing By Code Academy

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy to drive more conversion rates. Code Academy offers free courses related to online email marketing. In this course, beginners are taught how to write compelling and relevant emails that can support the business. Email marketing is the best way to reach the target audience, it is important to study and have a good knowledge of them. This course is excellent for beginners who like to become Pro in email marketing.

  • Workstreams Growth Academy

Growth Academy is the perfect platform that helps to grow your digital marketing skills. This course covers all topics related to advertising, lead generation, and more. This course allows beginners to learn skills related to digital marketing for free of cost. This free course is taught by digital marketing experts and can give you an amazing experience while learning.

  • Canvas Free Online Marketing Course

Canvas provides free courses related to content marketing and clarity. Content marketing is an important tool for digital marketing, hence beginners need to expertise in this technique to drive more leads. It also boosts your conversion rates.

  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Free Digital Marketing Course

This course provides valuable free material for beginners to develop and grow their digital marketing skills. It offers several courses related to digital marketing. Some of the top courses are strategic marketing management, Entrepreneurial Marketing, and how to build effective relationships with customers.

  • Social Media Monitoring By Coursera

This is a  free course designed by Coursera. In this course, beginners will get everything related to social media monitoring including keyword filtering, google related searches, about google alerts, and strategy monitoring for a variety of social media sites. This course will provide the chance of using social media platforms effectively and efficiently.

  • Digital Strategy And Action By Babson college

This free online course is available in edX. This course features what top companies like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Google have in common when it comes to digital strategy.  This course covers inspiring case studies, including interesting stories about Alibaba CEO Jack Ma and others. It also covers millions of tips, tricks, and suggestions.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy By Learn@Forbes

It is a series of online courses about digital marketing strategy. It covers all the basic elements related to digital marketing strategy including legal issues, use of digital SWOT in assessing marketing efforts, and more.

  • Quicksort University Free Digital Marketing Course

This course was taught by Neil Patel. It helps beginners a wide variety of online marketing skills and techniques. It covers everything starting from social media strategies, email marketing, and SEO. This course is very easy to learn due to its format.

  • SEO Foundation On LinkedIn

This course provides excellent SEO knowledge. It was designed by David Booth. This course covers everything related to keyword density, maximization of internal linking, content marketing & optimization, and understanding SERPs. This is an excellent course for beginners who want to know more about SEO.


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