15 Google Analytics Tips That will boost your Business Sales

15 Google Analytics Tips That will boost your Business Sales

Google Analytics 

Google analytics is nothing but a powerhouse of data and it is the free web analytics service provided by Google. This service was launched in the year 2005 and it tracks and reports website traffic of the website, and it is said that marketers who use Google analytics are rich in Data. it gives the free tool to analyze data for your business that will lead to increased benefits for your business growth rate. It is available both as a mobile app as well as a desktop application and it can be blocked by any browser, firewalls, and extensions. Google Analytics is very easy and even a beginner in marketing research can use the tool.

Why Use Google Analytics

By using this digital analytics software, you can analyze the details about the visitors on your site and the analyzed information can be used to build your marketing strategy and business. You can create customization reports on your own using a drag-drop interface and it offers seamless integration with other tools and platforms, you can also measure the internal site search and you can easily find your target audience.

Importance of Google Analytics in SEO

Google Analytics consists of valuable information that your business can utilize to monitor your SEO performances like keyword research and also it helps in finding top reachable content, measuring organic visitors, adding annotations, managing PPC speed, creating custom dashboard and much more.

Cure SEO is the leading SEO Agency in India and we are specialized in providing SEO related Digital marketing services. In this article, we recommend the following 15 google analytics tips to boost your business sales rate.

15 Google Analytics Tips That will boost your Business Sales

Set up conversion funnels

This is the best tip to your sales and the funnels are the path that the customer takes online when they search for the specific information when they visit the website, and much more.

Identify out which page have higher conversion rates

Find out which specific webpages on your own site are producing a high conversion rate and if you find out what helps for higher conversion then you can easily use the same procedure to boost your sales.

Guage effectiveness

With the help of custom Google URLs, you can analyze and measure the success or failure of campaigns, PPC ads, email blasts, and other content, and also these URLs can help you to know who visited your site and who landed on your landing page.

Identify your best referral sites

This is a great tip to increase your sales and referrals from other websites such as guest blogging can directly increase your conversion rates.

Find high-conversion keywords

Keywords are the most important SEO factor and the act of identifying, and using perfect keywords can increase your sales rate by making your website successful by getting higher rankings in the search engine.

Measure the quality of traffic 

 It is the most important way to compare with other competitors and you can measure any type of traffic quality such as PPC, display, email, social traffic, etc. 

Analyze the speed of pages and improve it 

Most people prefer high page loading speed and for example, if the page takes more time for loading then people will get irritated and leave the website hence analyze the speed and improve it.

Analyze user behavior 

 Understanding your user behavior will provide many benefits and it is believed that analyzing consumer behavior is a hidden gem of the enhanced e-commerce sector and make your website work according to their behavior.

Use your PPC data 

Google Adwords can provide you a lot of valuable data, if you analyze properly then you can get many advantages like you can get keywords from going through the Ads and gather all your PPC data to find out best-performing pages, and hence create like the same pages to achieve your target.

Analyze Page Engagement Between Mobile and Desktop

Visitors use mobile applications as well as desktop to visit your site and I recommend you to spend more concentration on both mobile and desktop users. Hence you can get attention from both parties that lead to more consumers.

Become a power user with keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts on Google analytics to get the new reports at an instant of time. So you can utilize the extra time on to concrete on your site and you can improve sales.

Exclude internal traffic

Do not refresh your own website over and over because it directly creates a negative impact on your data. If your site has more visits than conversions can potentially impact your sales data hence add filters to out your IP address.

Analyze the internal search data 

Using this tip you can generate more traffic, people will search for the specific item in your search bar, and if you analyze all the gathered data, you can get an idea about what products that the customer is interested.

 Get reports on email 

It is the best tip to save your time spent on analytics and you can use the saved time to improve your sales rate. To get an analytical report on email, go to custom alerts, and click on the email alert.

Don't do analysis on a daily basis
This is the most important tip to boost your business because most of us spend more time analyzing our website that may create a negative impact because we are spending our valuable time. Do analysis when you have a specific need and concentrate more on other marketing strategies to get your sales to shine

Follow these 15 golden tips to improve your business sales rate and if you implement these trick then you can boost your business naturally.