12 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics And Strategies In 2020

12 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics And Strategies In 2020

When it comes to digital marketing techniques, you can create a long list of every available strategy. It is difficult for marketers to choose an effective one. To avoid your confusion, here we have created a list of effective digital marketing tactics and strategies. This blog covers everything starting from SEO to landing page.


SEO is a part of digital marketing. If your site is SEO optimized, then the Google search engine algorithm will identify the website. It directly reflects in your website ranking in the SERPs listings. If you want to strengthen your visibility in the digital medium, you have to follow some effective SEO strategies.

Search Engine Marketing

It is an advanced method of marketing which involves increasing your SERPs with the help of paid advertising methods. You can use paid methods such as Google ads, YouTube, Video ads, text-based search ads, in-app mobile ads, and more. You can choose the best one based on your business style and the potential customers you need to reach.

Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy to get more attention from the customer side. To succeed in Local SEO, you have to set up a Google My Business account. It also makes the brand appear on Google maps.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best method to attract your target audience. If you need to market your content well, you have to focus on native advertising, mobile content, and influencer marketing. To get the most out of your content marketing strategy, you need to promote your content and measure the results.


Remarketing helps your brand to increase brand awareness, conversion rates, and gain more customers. The remarketing method works by tracking visitors through cookies and developing new ads on relevant sites. If your prospects fail to respond to your aids for the first time, you can re-target them with more content or ads.

Responsive Web Design

Making your website mobile-friendly is the best digital marketing strategies to reach a more mobile-user audience. If you have a responsive web design to fit easily with any device, you can generate more lead rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you to connect with the audience in your niche. It is a  tool for generating more leads than any other marketing method. It directly reflects your increased sales and conversion rates. It is one of the cost-effective digital marketing methods.

Social Media Marketing

Social media are now found all over the internet. To gain more audience, using social media is the best tactic. Advertise your content, ads, and brand on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. It is the best way to add credibility to your brand.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a factor in the digital marketing technique. You have to make marketing automation a standard for your business to achieve more productivity. This type of marketing can integrate all your marketing efforts in one place. It also keeps your content consistent across all channels to avoid brand confusion.

Influencer Marketing

You can hire an influencer to promote your brand online. You need to identify an influencer. It can be someone with a lot of followers and a better track record of advertising products. It also helps to increase your conversion rate to a higher level.


If you have visual content on your website, it will accept more people. Most consumers prefer video content above any other visual medium.  Successful video marketing can help to attract new customers and provide engagement with already existing customers.

Improve Conversion Rates With Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is the best part of digital marketing efforts. To drive more traffic, position your CTA in the perfect place for your website. We suggest you add at least one CTA to your home page. You can also add CTA at the end of a blog post to allow you to capture more leads.


By following these digital marketing strategies and tactics, your website can achieve more organic traffic to your site. If you find any difficulty in following these tips, you can hire a digital marketing company to boost your revenue.