11 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

11 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

FYI – Google gets about 40,000 searches per second. This number should be enough to let you guess the staggering number of people searching the internet every day, every week, every month for and information/product/services. As a business your goal will always be to be able to make your brand/website visible to all these people and drive them to your website. If only there are visitors coming in to your website, they might be converted into your customers, or may be take some other course of action you want them to take, and ultimately get you returns on your investments. Sounds daunting and costly? It actually is not that much. You may think you need to invest more in paid advertisements so on.

Stats show that in 2020, organic (unpaid) traffic is 53% while paid traffic is merely 15%. This goes to show that good SEO will always remain the best way to Drive Traffic to Your Website. And yes, it also means that to improve your traffic, you need to be persistent and patient, as it will take time to see the results of the measures you take. This may set you wondering if the methods you have chosen will be as effective as they are supposed to be, or if what more can you do. So, here we are with our Pro tips on how you can get more traffic which have been tried, tested and proven.

11 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website:

  1. Mobile-friendly: You should have been aware that Google has today in 2020 has gone mobile first i.e. its crawlers crawl mobile websites first. It shouldn’t even come as a surprise that this measure ranks on the top of our list. Stats show that of all the online traffic, mobile traffic constituted about 52.64%. If your website is not mobile friendly you are losing all that traffic.

  2. Content: Search begins in the first place because the internet user is searching for content. If you don’t have quality and engaging content, you will end up driving your traffic away. Being consistent with you content is a must. It is important that you keep on updating new articles and blogs on your website consistently to get more traffic. Statistics shows that regular blogging can get your website about 67% more lead per month. That’s a lot of traffic coming in right there.

  3. Link Building: To Drive Traffic to Your Website, the most important way is to build links. Links are not just good for SEO, but also brings traffic to your website from various sources. There is a cheat way or rather well paying off short cut of spying on your competitors, finding their backlinks and claiming them for your-self. You can also do guest blogging. If you can pitch yourselves for guest blogging at websites with high authority and credibility, you will be able to get good backlinks.

  4. Quora: Quora is an information-focused question and answer site where questions are asked and answers are given. Tap this platform to answer a question. If your answers are relevant, informative, and engaging enough, you can add a relevant link back to your site, which will have more traffic flooding in.

  5. YouTube: Start your own channel on YouTube, prepare relevant videos and upload them. Try to rank high on YouTube. While similar to Google, YouTube too requires relevant keywords for which your video will rank; however the engagement of video is of more relevance on this platform. Thus, if you are able to generate more likes, comments, etc. ranking on YouTube is rather easy. You can put in your website link or relevant webpage link within the description and even embed your YouTube video within your relevant webpage.

  6. Social Media: Social Media is that Platform on which you need to create a presence of your brand. You need to focus on networks which will add value to your business, create engaging Content for all your Social networks and make sure to track your efforts and improve on them. Research says that of all the mobile website traffic, 11% traffic comes via Social Media. Also, Social Media Platforms have about 3.8 billion active users – make sure you tap on to them.

  7. Older Content: Once you upload a webpage on the internet, you tend to put it at the back of your mind. And while we surely told you that you need to continuously add in newer content, it is also necessary to keep tabs on the older content. Check out the performances of your older webpages, and if they are not bringing in much traffic, you need to revamp them make some changes, etc. If there are two pages having similar content, you could even merge them. In short, bring in new life into such pages to increase the traffic.

  8. Experiment With Formats: This one is rather easy. Texts can be rather boring so you need to keep experimenting with newer formats even for same content. For example if you have written a blog on one topic, with the same content, you can prepare a video and upload on YouTube. Then you can conduct a free webinar on the same topic, be a part of a podcast on similar topic, etc. Just remember that the content should be good and engaging enough, no matter how you present, and you’ll have traffic driving in through all the platforms on which you put these forms.

  9. Collaborations: You can have collaborations with other business with similar goals. Partnering gives you an open access to their audiences along with your audiences. In short, it’ll get you great traffic.

  10. Influencers: Influencers are influential people on social platforms who are well known and have a number of largely engaged audience. Their opinions hold a sway over the decisions of many a people. You need to be networking up with influencers so that they will promote your products/services.

  11.  Maintaining Reputation: Merely creating your brand identity is not enough in any sense. You need to maintain the reputation you have built. More than 90% of people today look at the reviews before choosing a brand. Thus, you need good or great even reviews. So, what you need is to Signup for review sites such as BBB, Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc. and get referral traffic to your website.

This was our list of proven 11 ways to drive in traffic to your website. Most of these ways correspond with SEO practices and rightly so, because as mentioned earlier, it is going to get you great traffic coming in.